Meadow Brook Hall opening renovated kitchen to public

The renovation of Meadow Brook Hall is just about complete and ready for its first public viewing on April 6.

Meadow Brook Hall spent $700,000 to completely gut and replace many of the structural and mechanical systems in its kitchen. Think upgrading the ventilation system, providing new equipment, refurbishing the counter tops, and replacing flooring, plumbing, and lighting. The refrigeration system now also meets modern standards.

“It accomplished a lot of goals,” says Kim Zelinski, associate director of Meadow Brook Hall. “We had a lot of infrastructure issues that needed to be addressed. Out pipes were 80 years old and some were leaking.”

The kitchen was previously renovated in the 1970s and ’80s. The hope is that modernizing it again will allow Meadow Brook Hall to put its best culinary foot forward for catered events.

The Matilda R. Wilson Fund is financing the project. The grant also supports a number of other smaller efforts over this decade. Among those are the restoration of the dining room portraits of Matilda and Alfred Wilson, as well as ongoing preventative repair projects and ecological systems preservation.

Source: Kim Zelinski, associate director of Meadow Brook Hall
Writer: Jon Zemke