Magro International expands in Rochester, plans to add more people

A little bit of new economy biz has come to downtown Rochester in the form of Magro International.

3-year-old firm specializes in creating Internet marketing strategy for
small- to medium-sized businesses. Magro helps its clients understand
and manage their online presence. They also offer a lot of
bread-and-butter Internet services, such as website building and

“We’re really a one-stop shop for Internet services,” says Leonard Magro, founder and president of Magro International.

a philosophy that has worked well for Magro. It doubled its revenue in
its second year and has been up 30 percent in the last year. That has
allowed the firm to build itself up to three full-time employees, a
couple of independent contractors and the occasional intern.

hopes to continue that growth, but also wants to pace itself. The
company wants to grow, but be able to sustain that growth…
which means look for a couple more jobs in the near future.

“If we continue to grow at this rate, we’ll need more people and even more space,” Magro says.

Source: Leonard Magro, founder and president of Magro International
Writer: Jon Zemke