Local credit union pays 30 employees to help furnish homes in Metro Detroit

A staggering 50 percent of families emerging from homelessness return to a homeless shelter after moving into an unfurnished home. Since 2009, only one percent of the families helped by Humble Design have returned to a shelter after 12 months.

When a homeless family finds a house it’s a miracle. Furnishing it is another blessing that many families are unable to do. Humble Design assists families who are coming out of homelessness and abuse shelters. Their mission is to turn four bare walls into a clean, dignified and welcoming home by repurposing gently used household goods and using those items to fully furnish homes. The outcome is a home, and a new hope for hundreds of families.

“Our goal is to end the revolving door of homelessness by turning empty spaces into warm, welcoming homes through a dignified experience that leads to successful lives,” said Rob Strasberg, Co-CEO of Humble Design.

Chief Financial Credit Union joined Humble Design to help make a house a home home for four metro Detroit families. As part of its mission to empower financial success and inspire creative philanthropy, Chief Financial offered a total of 240 paid hours to give its employees the opportunity to volunteer their work hours with Humble Design.  

“Our employees carry out our mission every day,” said Tom Dluzen, Chief Financial CEO. “Empowering our team to spend a work day with Humble Design was an amazing way for us to give back. Each of them came away inspired by Humble Design, and by the brave families they were able to meet. And that is why we exist, to create true change in our communities.”

Four teams of Chief Community Crew volunteers worked with Humble Design throughout August, September and October. Each team started at the Humble Design headquarters in Pontiac and then headed to a house in need of furnishing. A very full day with a life-changing outcome.

“It really put things in perspective. Someone in need was right down the street from us. To be able to help brighten someone’s day by giving a few hours of your life is so rewarding,” said Kandice Navarro, Chief Financial Lender/MSR. “It makes me realize I am blessed with what I have: my family, job, home, food in the fridge…Humble is such a small word that means so much! I am so grateful for this experience!”

The Chief Financial team can be seen on the show ‘Welcome Home’ in November. The show follows Humble Design’s co-founders on several projects sharing the journey of each family as they find their way home. ‘Welcome Home’ airs on the CW Network on Sundays at 10:30am.

“It is an honor to be a part of the incredible work that Humble Design does across metro Detroit, and now across the country,” said Cheryl Boodram, Chief Financial Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “The hope being restored in each of these families’ lives is the reason that Chief strives to create philanthropic opportunities for our team members and hopefully the entire community.”
About Chief Financial Credit Union
Chief Financial Credit Union prides itself on being the only financial institution headquartered in the Greater Rochester Area. With a commitment to empowering financial success and inspiring creative philanthropy, Chief Financial has been meeting the needs of its members since 1941 through its branch locations in Pontiac, Dearborn and Rochester Hills, Michigan. Chief Financial is also the official credit union of Leader Dogs for the Blind and Rochester College. For more information, visit www.chiefonline.com.