Jeweler finds creative way to expand retail operation

Paul Haig owner of Haig’s of Rochester found a way to expand his operation creatively in tough times.


This month, Haig’s gallery took up temporary
first floor residence in the Clarion Building at 313 Main Street, next
door to Haig’s of Rochester. The grand opening was April 17.

that a long-term lease on his property may take several months, Don
Seed, owner of the Clarion building, and Haig negotiated a deal that
benefits both. Haig is paying the utilities and a commission on any
sales made from his gallery annex. It keeps the building open, vibrant
and visible for potential long-term tenants.

isn’t the income that I would receive on a normal lease, but it
provides me with some income and makes the building more attractive and
available to potential tenants,” says Seed. Plus, “Paul’s collection is

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