English professor wins award for new book of poetry

Oakland University English Professor Ed Haworth Hoeppner’s latest work of poetry, Blood Prism, has been awarded $3,000 and publication from The Ohio State University Press and the distinguished 2010 Ohio State University Press Award in Poetry.

“Of course I was terribly excited to win
the award,” Haworth Hoeppner said. “While I’ve had books taken (for
publication) before, none were selected for a particular award. I’ll be
60 in the fall, and perhaps the news was sweeter for my having been at
things as long as I have.”

Since 1975, Haworth Hoeppner has
published nearly 300 poems, as well as two collections of poetry, “Rain
through High Windows,” and “Ancestral Radio.” He has also published a
critical study, “Echoes and Moving Fields: Structure and Subjectivity in
the Poetry of W.S. Merwin and John Ashbery.”

The winning
collection contains poems written over the course of
several years and can be divided into three distinct thematic sections:
memory, politics and age. These sections are connected through the idea
of “blood,” which can be portrayed as family blood, the violence of
politics and age represented as the end of one story in a bloodline.

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