Engineers can boost productivity with an OU engineering ‘4-pack’

In today’s competitive, global economy, organizations need to innovate and adapt in order to succeed. Engineering professionals need to increase their productivity and skill sets to remain valuable and increase chances for advancement.

Oakland University’s Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) department has developed a flexible and directed graduate certificate program specifically designed to meet these needs. The personalized Productivity Improvement Graduate Certificate Program, or ‘4-Pack,’ is open to engineers from any field.

By leveraging their strengths, improving relevant skills and availing themselves of specific career opportunities, engineers can choose four program courses specifically suited to individual career needs and goals.

A mechanical engineer looking to implement a continuous productivity improvement process at a tier-one automotive supplier, for example, might enroll in:

  • Lean Principles and Application;
  • Production Systems and Workflow Analysis;
  • Statistical Quality Analysis;
  • and Foundations of Systems Engineering I.

More generally, and in consultation with ISE department faculty as well as company supervisors (if desired), the certificate student can select from a list of more than 15 courses. A complete list of program course requirements and course descriptions can be found at

All courses are offered in two hours sessions, two nights a week. Classes begin in January, May or September, though there is limited course availability in May. Program graduates receive an Oakland University graduate certificate in productivity improvement.