Downtown Rochester Main Street Makeover

The Main Street Makeover is a joint effort of the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), the City of Rochester and the Rochester Downtown Development Authority (DDA).  The purpose of the project is to reconstruct Main Street from the Clinton River Bridge to the Paint Creek Bridge, improve water service to the area and to add streetscape improvements to enhance the overall downtown experience.

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When will the project start?

Construction is underway, with partial lane closures.  The full closure between Second and University is scheduled for mid-May through mid-July.

When will the project be completed?

The total project, including all streetscape improvements, is planned to be completed by the fall.

Why are we doing this?

Over the years, the road has deteriorated because of the heavy volume of truck traffic.  MDOT has determined that reconstruction is the only option to fix the road.  Upon completion, it will be 25-30 years before any substantial repairs will have to be made to Main Street.

How do I get around downtown?

While the project will be from the Clinton River Bridge to the Paint Creek Bridge, the only total closure area will be on Main Street, north of Second Street and south of University Drive.  The detours will be clearly marked.

How do I get to my favorite business?

All sidewalks will remain open during construction so you can access businesses from Main Street.  Also, the majority of businesses have entrances from the rear alleys.

Where do I park?

All parking lots will remain open during the project.  The only parking spots not available will be the 94 spaces on Main Street.

Beyond the reconstruction of Main Street, what other improvements are planned?

The streetscape will be completely rebuilt, including new exposed aggregate sidewalks, LED lightpoles (in the current hook & bell style), street trees, additional plantings, new benches and stamped concrete crosswalks.  New water lines will be installed, replacing a c1890s water main.

Who is paying for this?

The project is being jointly funded by the City of Rochester, Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the Rochester Downtown Development Authority (DDA).  The total project cost is approximately $7.6 million.

I have questions – who can I call?

Contact Deputy City Manager Nik Banda at 248/609-0634 or DDA Director Kristi Trevarrow at 248/656-0060.