Daggerfin hires 3 in Rochester, hopes to hire 3-4 more

Meet Daggerfin. It’s the new, bigger version of Catalyst Design, an ad agency that has been around Metro Detroit for 15 years.

The downtown Rochester-based firm made the name switch as part of a way to reinvent itself. It also hired another three people to round out its headcount to 12, and expects to create another 3-4 jobs within the next four months.

“We have some accounts in the pipeline that if they pop, that number will only be an eighth of what we need,” says Scott Ingoglia, director of business development for Daggerfin.  

The company focuses on aligning its branding and marketing strategies with clients’ businesses.

The firm decided to change its name because it knew it would never own the word “catalyst”, and instead went with Daggerfin because its president is a windsurfing fan, and the word stuck with him. A daggerfin helps a windsurfer navigate in rough waters.

“Catalyst was a little safe, a little conservative,” Ingoglia says. “We want to think outside the box.”

Source: Scott Ingoglia, director of business development for Daggerfin
Writer: Jon Zemke