Crittenton Hospital plans new tower for “personalized service”

A new tower planned by Rochester Hills’ Crittenton Hospital will add
174,000 square feet of private rooms and a garden for enhanced patient

The new tower will hold 87 private patient rooms with features like
pull-out couches for family members. The additional space will allow
family members to get more involved with patient care and education
before they bring their sick relatives back home.

Crittenton’s also thinking green. The top floor will be completely
devoted to a garden for patients and their families to enjoy.
Construction will also add a new loading dock, revamped parking lot and
pharmacy to the tower area.


Oberlie said the tower is one of the last pieces of a previous,
eight-year master plan. “Beyond this, it is the two floors above this,
and we are talking about a new master plan,” he said.

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