Crittenton chest pain center now accredited

New accreditation from the international Society of Chest Pain Centers (SCPC) selects Rochester’s Crittenton Hospital Medical Center as one of only 14 hospitals in the state of Michigan to be certified a Chest Pain Center.

Accredited Chest Pain Centers, as judged by the SCPC, have achieved a higher standard of care and expertise in dealing with patients who suffer symptoms of heart attack. An accredited Center is recognized for providing time-efficient and effective evaluations, as well as notably rapid response treatment for patients with chest pain or heart attack symptoms.

Accredited Chest Pain Centers aren’t just evaluated on the patient’s first contact. Crittenton Hospital, along with other accredited institutions, help promote a healthier lifestyle in their patients while working to evaluate other medical problems stemming from heart attack symptoms.

Crittenton Hospital engaged in a rigorous evaluation by SCPC in order to win this critical accreditation. And while this medical center has proven their expertise and speed in dealing with heart attack victims, the hospital emphasizes that patients can increase their chances for good health by seeking medical attention as soon as they recognize symptoms of a heart attack.

“People tend to wait when they think they might be having a heart attack, and that’s a mistake,” says Samer Kazziha, MD, Executive Director of Cardiovascular Services at Crittenton Hospital Medical Center. “The average patient arrives in the ER more than two hours after the onset of symptoms,” he continues. “But what they don’t realize is that the sooner a heart attack is treated, the less damage to the heart and the better the outcome for the patient.”

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Source: Jeff Kapuscinski, Crittenton Hospital