Co-working office concept comes to Rochester

With remote employees and freelance positions on the rise, new economy workers are often faced with the not-so-simple problem of finding a workspace. Plans are underway in Rochester to bring a co-work space to town, offering professionals an alternative to the home office or coffeeshop table.

ShareSpace Rochester is the brainchild of residents Rob Ray and Doug Van Slembrouck, who have turned to the funding website Kickstarter to raise cash. If the pair can solicit $15,000 by Sept. 24, they say ShareSpace will open at 106 Second Street in November. Over 2,200 sq. ft of office space will be available for members, along with all the perks of working in an office — from printers and meeting rooms to unlimited coffee.


Because most co-working spaces are open and eclectic, Ray said they are interesting places to be. “ShareSpace isn’t some cube farm out in corporate suburbia away from downtown in a big grey building with fluorescent lighting. It’s the anti-office,” he added.

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