Bright Automotive plans 200 job openings at tech center

Two thousand and eleven is getting off on the right foot for Bright Automotive. The Indiana-based firm plans to staff its new technical center in Rochester Hills with 200 new hires this year.

The new tech center will serve as the primary center for research and development for its new IDEA concept vehicle. The new plug-in electric hybrid commercial vehicle is aimed at fleet vehicle customers. The IDEA will maximize fuel efficiency by using lightweight materials, aerodynamics, system operating efficiencies, and powertrain performance.

“The fleet market is focused on the total operational costs,” says Mike Donoughe, COO with Bright Automotive. “Fuel consumption is a very big part of the cost.”

The electric/hybrid vehicle market has become popular with automakers in the last few years. Both major automakers are premiering vehicles like the Chevrolet Volt and smaller automotive startups such as Bright Automotive are coming out with their own vehicles.

“It’s very competitive,” Donoughe says. “You go from luxury cars to compact cars, everybody is coming out with an electric vehicle or a hybrid.” He adds that the IDEA will standout because it’s geared toward commercial fleets.

Bright Automotive is looking for people who specialize in all the segments of vehicle and manufacturing engineering, supply chain management, IT, sales, marketing, and finance. For information on those positions, click here.

Source: Mike Donoughe, COO with Bright Automotive
Writer: Jon Zemke

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