Pontiac’s PMD Automotive, Hansen Engine Corp. of Minnesota Establish Alliance to Boost New Technology

PMD Automotive
The goal of the PMD Automotive-Hansen Engine alliance is a variable displacement supercharger and engine control system to Chevrolet Cameros equipped with the GM 3.6-liter, V-6 engine. Photo courtesy of PMD Automotive

Pontiac automotive design company PMD Automotive has formed an alliance with Minnesota’s Hansen Engine Corp. with the goal of bringing to market an innovative supercharger design that provides better performance while also preserving or improving fuel economy.

“PMD Automotive is extremely excited to have been chosen by Hansen Engine Corp. to be a partner in delivering this new boost technology,” says Dave Nunnelley, president of PMD Automotive. “Having been involved in engine R&D for more than 40 years, it is rare that we find an innovation that is so well-thought out and performs as claimed. This level of development makes me confident that drivers will benefit from this innovation. It will be a game changer in the performance market.”

The announcement of this alliance includes adapting the Hansen variable displacement supercharger and engine control system to Chevrolet Camaros equipped with a GM 3.6-loter V-6 engine. The alliance also is developing market interest among utility vehicles, power sports, and racing applications.

“PMD brings the expertise of veteran automotive experts together to further enhance and commercialize our supercharger technology,” says Bob Hansen, chairman and CEO of Hansen Engine. “Securing the right skills, the proper market sector opportunities, and an attitude of commitment and excitement, makes PMD the perfect ally.”