Pontiac’s DASI Solutions looks 6 hires

DASI Solutions learned all about the value of diversifying its client base well before the idea became fashionable in Metro Detroit. It’s a lesson that is serving the Pontiac-based firm well as it prepares for a growth spurt in 2010.

DASI Solutions sells, trains and does tech support for engineering software programs, namely SolidWorks CAD design software. Since beginning this work in 1995, the company quickly discovered that many of the automotive firms were happy with the systems they were using. That forced DASI Solutions to find customers in a variety of emerging sectors, such as robotics, alternative energy and bio-medical devices.

“I built my customer base in a primarily non-automotive sector,” says David Darbyshire, who co-owns DASI Solutions with his brother Richard.

That has allowed the company to hold its ground throughout the recession and to keep its employee base at 30 people and a handful of summer interns. Darbyshire expects to add another six hires this year.

“I see us growing significantly,” Darbyshire says.

DASI Solutions is also helping other companies grow by retraining automotive engineers to use its software. The idea is these engineers will be ready for jobs in the emerging sectors in which DASI Solutions has established itself.

Source: David Darbyshire, co-owner of DASI Solutions
Writer: Jon Zemke