Patterson utilizes social media to reach broad audience for 2012 State of the County

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson’s 2012 State of the County address will be available to virtually all Oakland County residents and others throughout Michigan via broadcast and social media. WDET-FM (101.9) will air the speech live beginning at 7 p.m. Wednesday, February 8, 2012 from the Centerpoint Marriott in Pontiac.
A live stream from West Bloomfield’s Civic Center Television with the technical assistance of will air on Oakland County’s homepage at An embed code will allow any news or other organization to run the speech in real time on its website. In addition, highlights of the speech will be tweeted as it happens on Twitter account @brookspatterson. For those who are unable to tune in to the State of the County live, video of the speech will be uploaded to YouTube shortly after the speech concludes.
“My State of the County speech is for all residents and anyone who wants to know more about why Oakland County is Michigan’s leader,” said Patterson. “We are making it available in a variety of ways to ensure everyone has the opportunity to hear all of the good news from Oakland County.”
Written copies of the speech will also be available online at the night of the State of the County.
Some of the highlights of Patterson’s 2012 State of the County speech will include an Emerging Sectors milestone; developments in the year ahead for Medical Main Street; another step forward for the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine; the latest on Automation Alley; and significant total investment and job creation numbers for all Oakland County economic development programs.

Patterson will also give the latest on where Oakland County is positioned because of the county’s three-year budgeting; and quality of life news that will include an update on The Brooksie Way and a new cultural initiative.
“This will be my finest State of the County speech yet,” Patterson said.