Pacino, other stars turn Pontiac into movie set

The Jack Kevorkian saga continues in Pontiac as a film production about “Dr. Death” called “You Don’t Know Jack,” is filming.


With those off-camera instructions, actors portraying Jack Kevorkian and Geoffrey Fieger — trailed by a half-dozen question-shouting reporters, played by extras — crossed a plaza outside the Oakland Circuit Court building on a chilly autumn Thursday.

It was a scene from the Home Box Office biopic “You Don’t Know Jack” about the 81-year-old Kevorkian, a right-to-die advocate who served eight years in prison for a second-degree murder conviction in one of the more than 130 deaths he attended. He was released in June 2007.

Kevorkian is being played by actor Al Pacino, dressed in the type of casual attire Kevorkian frequently wore to court: cloth golf hat, light jacket, gray slacks, white socks and loafers. Actor Danny Huston, who is playing Fieger, has captured Fieger’s strut and mannerisms, including hand gestures.

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