Oakland Press to create new entertainment e-zine

Calling all fashion junkies, film buffs, vinyl collectors and area foodies! The Oakland Press is the latest media source to embrace online digital content. Starting in 2011, they’ll create an entertainment e-zine available for free online.

The project will be managed by The Oakland Press’s Community Media Lab, which trains members of the public in all facets of journalism, from writing and editing to pagination skills and photography. The first session takes place Tuesday, Jan. 11, from 4 to 6 p.m.


Attendees at the session will determine the design and feel of the
e-zine, what content it will include, and they will produce the
material, according to Glenn Gilbert, executive editor of The Oakland

“We feel there is lots of room for improvement of our
entertainment coverage if we enlist the help of the public,” Gilbert
said. “Of course an entertainment publication should preview events –
plays, concerts and exhibits – open to the public, but there is much
more it can do.”

Some previous experience is recommended. Find out more about the Oakland Press’s new online venture here.