Oakland Co. introduces voting reminder emails

Oakland County is using cyberspace methods to get more real people voting in the next election cycle.

Its latest innovation is to send out an email reminder to voters two weeks before elections and then again on election days. The reminder will also include a bevy of other information voters can use to make the process easier.

“It’s kind of like an electronic post-it note,” says Ruth Johnson, Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds.

emails will be sent out before all local, school, state, and federal
elections and will link to the clerk’s website. The site will feature a
list of candidates and ballot proposals, campaign finance reports,
polling locations, and instructional videos for using voting machines.

will also feature a new election reporting system that reveals results
in real time. Also included will be information on voter registration
and on how to become a poll worker, and a link to the state’s Voter
Information Center.

“This is just one more tool in the tool box,” Johnson says.

For information on these new systems, click here.

Source: Ruth Johnson, Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds
Writer: Jon Zemke