Metro Detroit’s Habitats for Humanities join forces to share resources

Even non-profits with practically the same name can learn how to share. That’s what the Detroit and Oakland chapters of Habitats for Humanity are doing more of these days.

years the two non-profits that rehabilitated and built new affordable
housing did pretty much the same thing, but on different sides of 8
Mile Road. That includes everything from organizing volunteers to
running their respective ReStore shop.

Today the two aren’t
merging but they are becoming much more regionally focused. The two
decided to make the one-year pilot program of running each ReStore (one
in Northwest Detroit and the other in Pontiac) as one business permanent. They are also sharing a centralized calling center.

makes so much sense,” says Sally LePla, executive director of Oakland
Habitat for Humanity. We can run them much more efficiently now.”

The non-profits are investigating other ways they can share resources and work with a more regional focus.

Now if only our local governments would follow their lead.

Source: Sally LePla, executive director of Oakland Habitat for Humanity
Writer: Jon Zemke