M1 Concourse announces student design competition

M1 Concourse announced today a student design competition to create a monument sign at the M1 Concourse site on the northwest corner of historic Woodward Avenue and South Boulevard in Pontiac, Michigan.

Students at Michigan universities are invited to submit designs for the monument sign, which will act as a welcome sign for both owners of Private Garages and visitors to the M1 experiential retail village. The competition is intended to challenge students to work collaboratively and across disciplines in exploring innovative monument sign design that is both functional and memorable.

“M1 Concourse will be one of the largest automotive enthusiast destinations in North America, targeted at the massive audience of people in Metro Detroit passionate about cars and motorsports,” said Brad Oleshansky, the Founder and CEO of M1 Concourse. “We want our monument sign to not only make a bold statement about M1 Concourse, but to also represent an impactful entrance to the City of Pontiac.”

When completed, M1 Concourse will contain a 1.5- mile performance track, 250+ Private Garages, restaurants, an auto-focused shopping village and office space. To see the updated site plan and Private Garage elevations, please check out http://m1concourse.com/explore.php.

Graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in accredited design programs at Michigan universities are eligible to enter the competition. Recent graduates from these programs not currently employed in the design profession are also eligible. A jury selected by M1 Concourse will select the winning design that reflects the corporate goals of M1 Concourse. Prizes ranging from $250 to $1,000 will be awarded in December.

“We challenge students to design a monument sign that is sustainable in every possible aspect – technically, materially and constructively,” said Oleshansky.

Complete details concerning the design competition can be found at www.m1concourse.com/monument.

About M1 Concourse
M1 Concourse will be both a private club and public destination designed to leverage the passion of the largest concentration of car enthusiasts in the world. The community of Private Garages will accommodate more than 1,000 classic cars set along a 1.5-mile performance track. A large portion of the project is open to the public, where people can enjoy restaurants, a walkable village of auto-focused businesses and year-round programming, including car shows, concerts, product demonstrations and more. The idea for M1 Concourse grew directly and organically from the needs of the local auto enthusiast community. Complete details can be found at www.m1concourse.com.