Energy-efficient retrofit creates big savings for Oakland County residents

Making buildings more green isn’t just good for the planet – it can be helpful on the wallets, too. Thanks to investing in energy-efficient retrofitting on county buildings, Oakland County residents can experience the savings firsthand. Taxpayers  will save a minimum of $627,000 a year on utility bills for county buildings when
it completes a series of energy efficiency retrofit projects that were
identified during a just-completed energy audit.

These energy
savings are part of Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson’s
OakGreen Program and Challenge announced in May to encourage local
governments, businesses and residents to reduce their energy consumption
10% by the end of 2012.

“Oakland County continues to lead by example,” said Patterson. “We set
out to challenge others to reduce their energy consumption. We talked
the talk, now we’re walking the walk.”

What does it mean to retrofit buildings to be more energy-efficient? Think replacing older and more wasteful heating and cooling systems, using LED lighting in county parking lots and insulating buildings to lessen heating expenses.

Read more about the program here.