Attention Prosper readers: Don’t forget to check out our new workforce feature!

Last week was the unveiling of our newest feature for the Prosper newsletter. Each issue we’ll display three jobs landed, three jobs available and three internships
up for grabs in Oakland County. The Jobs Available portion will have
the pertinent information for applying and the skills the employer is
looking for. The Jobs Landed will feature individuals who have found
jobs in the region and a brief bio on the individual who landed the

This will be a great asset if you’re looking for a job as well as to see what industries are hiring and have hired employees.

you have any openings you’d like listed, if you want to get the word
out about people your company has hired, or if your company has an
internship available, feel free to contact us here.

And, just a reminder, this is a free service.

The feature is sponsored by Oakland County Workforce Development division.