3-D ETC expands into Wash. D.C. and Houston markets, plans for 50% staff growth

At 3-D ETC, new revenue doesn’t equal new product offerings. In fact, it’s the inverse of that equation.

The safety-training company watched its revenue climb 125 percent last year, but that wasn’t as important as growing its product offerings. The
7-year-old firm went from offering four programs in 2009 to 11 last year. It plans to continue to invest heavily in new product development.

“We’re growing the company through product offerings,” says Dave Hodgson, president of 3-D ETC. “Our goal is to offer 20 different products by the end of 2011.”

3-D ETC, based in Pontiac, provides unique, proprietary programs that immerse employees into realistic 3-D experiences meant to change the way they think about safety. The training programs simulate live situations, giving people the virtual sensations and emotional impacts of their actions.

Traditionally, that has meant industrial customers with potentially dangerous workplaces. However, 3-D ETC plans to expand that focus by going after the health-care industry. This plan has allowed the company to add three jobs in 2010, expanding its staff to eight employees, six independent contractors, and the occasional intern. It plans to increase its staff by 50 percent this year as it expands into the Washington, D.C., and Houston markets.

Source: Dave Hodgson, president of 3-D ETC
Writer: Jon Zemke

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