$187 million announced to improve vehicle efficiency for heavy-duty trucks, passenger vehicles

A lot of money going toward the development of fuel-efficient vehicles was announced. And four of the six companies getting money for light-duty vehicles are in Oakland County.


At an event today in Columbus, Indiana, Secretary Chu announced the
selection of nine projects totaling more than $187 million to improve
fuel efficiency for heavy-duty trucks and passenger vehicles. The
funding includes more than $100 million from the American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act, and with a private cost share of 50%, will support
nearly $375 million in total research, development, and demonstration
projects across the country. The nine winners have stated their
projects will create over 500 jobs, primarily researchers, engineers,
and managers who will develop these new technologies. By 2015, the
projects expect to create over 6,000 jobs–many in manufacturing and

Currently, the transportation sector accounts for 28% of total U.S.
energy use. As these vehicle technologies are adopted broadly across
the country, they could save more than 100 million gallons of gasoline
and diesel per day, and reduce carbon emissions from on-road vehicles
by 20% by 2030.

“By investing Recovery dollars in next generation fuel efficient
trucks here at home, we’re not only creating new job opportunities now,
but helping lay a new foundation to keep American auto manufacturers
competitive in the 21st century global marketplace,” said Vice
President Biden. “Through strategic public-private investments like
these, the Recovery Act is helping lay the groundwork for an expansion
of our clean energy economy.”

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