Pleasant Ridge’s Gravy Network launches mobile billboard app MOBIBO

Brothers Zachary and Josh Ball have a vision for changing the mobile advertising game, and they’re working to make that happen with their new mobile app, MOBIBO.

The brothers started Gravy Network in January, with the idea of launching MOBIBO later this year. The Pleasant Ridge-based company is made up of the Ball duo and draws upon the half-dozen employees of Zachary’s other firm, web developer Mercury Studio.

MOBIBO is a free, downloadable smartphone app that serves as a mobile billboard that advertisers can rent for a small fee. Advertisers only pay for the ads consumers see. The consumer is paid 25 cents through PayPal for viewing each ad. The app alerts/ads come up when the consumer is near the advertiser’s place of business, telling them to view a special discount or promotional offer at a store close-by.

“I’d like to see MOBIBO being used throughout the nation,” says Zachary, president and co-owner of Gravy Network. “We think we can shift the advertising paradigm to this model.”

The Ball brothers are working to establish the MOBIBO brand this year, with an aim of broad adoption within the next year. They expect to significantly add to Gravy Network’s staff when that happens.

“We’d like to keep the team as lean as possible,” Zachary says. “What does that mean? Hopefully, less than 25 people.”

Source: Zachary Ball, president and co-owner of MOBIBO
Writer: Jon Zemke

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