ePrize CEO Josh Linkner’s creativity book hits top of Amazon, Barnes & Noble sales

Say the word creative around Josh Linkner and you’ll probably repeat what he just said. The chairman of ePrize and CEO of Detroit Venture Partners has had creativity in the workplace on the mind for a while and now has it on paper with his new book, Disciplined Dreaming.

self-proclaimed “proven system for driving breakthrough creativity”
focuses on helping entrepreneurs and their companies become more
imaginative and thus more effective in the 21st Century workplace. The
book was released on Sunday and climbed to the top of the sales charts
for both Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites Monday and Tuesday.

is the most important skill that individuals and companies should be
nurturing,” Linkner says. “It’s the one thing that can’t be outsourced.”

One of Linkner’s favorite mantras is that entrepreneurs should be trying to invent the next Groupon
instead of copying the idea. He points out that pioneers in certain new
economy segments are often outdone by late-coming rivals (Friendster by
Facebook and AltaVista by Google) and Linkner will counter that
continued innovation is what made the latecomers first.

“They were able to outcreate their competitors even though they were late out the gate,” Linkner says.

He offers local start-up hireMYway as an example of a building force in Metro Detroit’s emerging new economy. The website
for hiredMYway features technology that uses a dating-service model on
the Web to help people find jobs. It basically pairs employers and job
seekers with matching needs and skills in the same way a dating service

“They used creativity to fundamentally displace the complacent incumbents,” Linkner says.

Source: Josh Linkner, chairman of ePrize, CEO of Detroit Venture Partners and author of Disciplined Dreaming
Writer: Jon Zemke

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