ePrize acquires Cellit, adds more than 100 to payroll

Pleasant Ridge-based ePrize is adding clients and employees these days, and now it has added a competitor, acquiring Chicago-based mobile marketing agency Cellit.

ePrize is an agency specializing in interactive, online marketing campaigns. The acquisition of Cellit will give ePrize a foothold in the mobile marketing field, allowing the company to avoid building up its own presence while still engaging mobile customers.

“In the last 18 months we have moved the business into more social and mobile markets,” says Matt Wise, CEO of ePrize.

ePrize has been on a growth streak over the last year. Its revenue has gone from $42 million in 2010 to $50 million last year. It expects to cross the $70 million mark in 2012. A year ago, ePrize employed 257 people. That number is at 363 today, about 275 of which work at the Pleasant Ridge headquarters. It expects to reach 420 employees by the end of this year.

“The drive of that growth is we have been shifting our company into higher growth areas,” Wise says. He adds that ePrize hires “most of our folks from the local area” and expects to continue doing that in 2012.

Source: Matt Wise, CEO of ePrize
Writer: Jon Zemke

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