Relume Technologies hires 15 on strength of LED lights market

Relume Technologies is hitting its growth stride just as it’s beginning to stretch its sales of LED lights across the nation.

The Oxford-based company has doubled its sales in 2010 and is on track to quadruple those sales in 2011. While the company is helping 15 municipalities in Michigan switch their street lights to much more energy-efficient LEDs, it is also aiming to continue to expand its sales force so it has a national presence.

“We’re doing projects from California to Washington, D.C.,” says Crawford Lipsey, CEO of Relume Technologies. “Our projects are primarily municipal-based.”

The light manufacturer has hired 15 people over the last six months, expanding its staff to 55 employees. “My plan is to employ 400 people in Michigan within the next three years,” Lipsey says.

Relume manufactures LED lights, primarily street lights for municipalities. About 50 percent of the materials it uses for the these products come from Michigan-based companies. The company also recently received a capital infusion from Farmington Hills-based Beringea, the largest venture capital firm in Michigan.

Source: Crawford Lipsey, CEO of Relume Technologies
Writer: Jon Zemke

This article previously appeared in Metromode.

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