Oxford High School robotics team wins District Chairman’s Award

Livonia’s Churchill High School was host to the 2012 FIRST Robotics District Competition, where 40 Michigan teams vied for points and position in the Rebound Rumble challenge. In district robotics events, after robot competitions are completed and winners recognized, the finale of the awards portion is the announcement of the District Chairman’s Award winner.

The District Chairman’s Award is FIRST’s most prestigious award. It honors the team that best represents a model for other teams to emulate and best embodies the purpose and goals of FIRST. The District Chairman’s Award helps keep the central focus of the FIRST Robotics Competition on the goal of inspiring greater levels of respect and honor for science and technology. One team is chosen at each regional competition to receive the award, and these teams go on to be considered for the Chairman’s Award at the Michigan State Competition at Eastern Michigan University on April 12-14. Three teams will receive the Chairman’s Award there and will then go on to be considered for the Chairman’s Award at the FIRST Championship in the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, MO at the end of April. Teams who win the Chairman’s Award at the FIRST Championship are entered into the FIRST Hall of Fame.

The award submission requirements include a 10,000-character large essay, seven 500-character short response essays, four photographs, a three-minute video, a ten-minute presentation, and an interview with judges. The Oxford High School submittal by Team TORC 2137, with an election year theme and a campaign slogan of “Take the Longshot…Change the Culture,” was selected by judges as the winner of the 2012 Chairman’s Award. Winning the award automatically qualifies the team to compete in the State Championship, but TORC had already performed well enough to qualify based on its points earned in competition. The State competition will be held at Eastern Michigan University from April 12-14.

What the Judges Had to Say
“The matrix organizational structure is valuable to how you operate and establish roles and responsibilities. Your outreach activities are innovative, and your enthusiasm for FIRST and learning is a definite asset. Your work with charities are both meaningful to your team and improve your community. Your outreach is evidence that you are taking the spirit of FIRST to heart. The increase in female participation to a “non-traditional” technical environment is a positive. We were also impressed that you contributed to the development of a technical curriculum for middle and high school that supported the robotics team and earned college credit. We also liked that you were creative and tied the election year to this year’s game in your presentation. You are a well-organized and very energetic team with great leadership skills. Keep raising the bar and striving to continue to be role models for other teams using FIRST as your guide. Great job and good luck at the State Championship!”

Watch the Video
Teams who are selected to receive the Regional or a District Event Chairman’s Award will have their submission posted on the FIRST website within two weeks of the event. Submissions will be linked off the FRC Awards page http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/awards. Teams who are awarded the Regional or District Event Chairman’s Award are also encouraged to post their Chairman’s Award video on the FRC You Tube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/FRCTeamsGlobal . Please label your video 2012 Team 2137 RCA Video.

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