Oakland County’s Interactive Map Displays COVID-19 Cases by Zip Code

Residents can now view the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Oakland County by zip code on a map that can be found on the county’s coronavirus website, OakGov.com/COVID.

Oakland County Executive David Coulter and the Oakland County Health Division cautioned that these maps do not provide a complete picture of how the disease is being transmitted. The maps show in which zip codes confirmed COVID-19 cases live, but do not indicate where they were exposed to the disease.

“Although there may be a higher rate in a certain city, village or township or zip code, that is not necessarily where they were exposed,” says Leigh-Anne Stafford, Oakland County health officer.

“Just because a community has more or fewer cases, it is not an indication of the relative safety in those communities,” Coulter says. “COVID-19 is in every community in Oakland County. No matter where you live, you should stay at home and take the precautions we’ve talked about so often, especially if you must go out.”

Numerous factors can contribute to a higher number in any one community including access to health care and access to COVID-19 testing sites. It could also be an indication of something going on in the community.

For the most up-to-date information, go to Oakland County’s COVID-19 dashboard at OakGov.com/COVID.