Meisner: March 31 Tax Foreclosure Deadline Moved to May 29

Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner is reminding taxpayers across the county that the March 31 deadline to pay your property taxes from Tax Year 2017 and prior has been extended by Executive Order of the Governor and by an earlier mandate issued by Treasurer Meisner that no property in Oakland County would be lost because of hardship associated with the Coronavirus crisis.

“The Coronavirus crisis has created unprecedented hardships for people trying to pay their property taxes, including job loss, loss of income and childcare challenges,” Meisner said. “Foreclosing on people affected by the crisis doesn’t pass the smell test, which is why we’re reminding people that the foreclosure deadline has been extended to May 29, 2020.”

Traditionally, the last day before the deadline has included a flurry of payment activity by taxpayers paying at the last possible moment. While Treasurer Meisner encourages everyone who is able to still pay by tomorrow to avoid additional interest and fees, the formal deadline has been extended giving them more time.

Since Meisner closed the treasurer’s office to the public to protect the health of taxpayers and his staff, payment options include:

• Online payments: payments made using the online portal remain an option to pay, and payments made using this method will not be subject to the normal credit card fees.

• Drop box: there is an easy-to-use drop box located just outside the 1200 North Telegraph building, marked by signage.

• Mail: taxpayers can continue to mail payments to the Treasurer’s Office.

• Phone: our automated payment by phone system continues to operate.

“The county treasurer’s office will continue to find ways to be flexible during this unusual time, and wants taxpayers to focus their energies on protecting their health and the health of others.”