Chabad Yeshiva to build new student campus in Oak Park

Two Jewish learning academies in Oak Park will be expanding their campus from the current 12,000 square-foot building to a spacious 50,000 square-foot Yeshiva. Alan and Lori Zekelman of Bloomfield Hills will be underwriting the entire project.

The campus houses around 120 middle and high-school aged students that focus their studies on the Chabad Lubavitch form of Orthodox Judaism. Oak Park is within walking distance to many Jewish families in the area.


“In the early 1970’s, there were three hundred Orthodox Jewish families in Detroit; today there are one thousand. Throughout its rich history, Jewish life in Detroit has grown steadily,” says Cohen. The new Yeshiva building will raise the numbers “of people who want to live in the main Jewish area. It’s a win-win, it helps cement the community.”

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