Vector CANtech transforms Ford SYNC project into new hires

Vector CANtech expects to get bigger as
cars get smarter, or so goes the conventional wisdom at the Novi-based
firm that helped make Ford’s SYNC technology a reality.

is a breakthrough technology that provides a hands-free phone and media
player operated by simple voice commands in Ford vehicles. Vector’s
embedded software provides SYNC with a robust interface to the
communication networks within the vehicle.

“As community networks
expand from just inside the vehicle to outside of it and between
vehicles, our services will step to serve those needs,” says Scott
Stevens, project line manager of embedded software at Vector CANtech.

The 13-year-old
company has added three people in the last year, rounding out its staff
to 68 employees and two co-op students. It is currently looking for 1-2
new people now and hopes to expand its staff by three more over the next

“Once the automotive world shook its head and came out of
its funk there was a lot of work for us,” Stevens says.

Vector is
continuing to work with Ford on the SYNC system, making sure new
features integrate well with the vehicle’s other operating systems.
Those new features include simple hands-free access to personalized
traffic reports, turn-by-turn driving directions, and up-to-date
information including business listings, news, sports, and weather.

Source: Scott Stevens, project line manager
of embedded software at Vector CANtech

Writer: Jon Zemke