Summit Health receives MEGA Tax Credit to establish headquarters in Novi

As an incentive to create and retain business in Michigan, the State of Michigan MEGA Board approved a three-year MEGA tax credit to Summit Health, Inc., the leading provider of nationwide on-site wellness programs, including health screenings, immunizations, coaching, and educational seminars. Based on the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s (MEDC) recommendation, the MEGA Board approved the $514,000 tax credit to encourage the company to establish its headquarters in Michigan over competing sites in Indiana, Tennessee and Washington.

In an effort to retain Summit Health’s Michigan presence, the City of Novi contributed to administrative fees to support the project. Summit Health plans to invest $11.4 million to establish its headquarters and research and development facility which will support a clinical reference laboratory, home blood test kit assembly and delivery, data servers, medical record processing, medical claims processing, and educational health and wellness video production. The company expects the project to create up to 252 direct new jobs in Novi.

“The consolidation and expansion of Summit Health’s headquarters and research center in Novi is a perfect complement to the high tech research facilities currently located in Novi, and to Novi’s commitment to healthy active lifestyles” said Ara Topouzian, Economic Development Director.