Student-run recycling program produces success

Novi High School student-ran recycling program produces success.


Novi High School Principal John Lawrence was understandably skeptical about a student-run recycling program after watching one fail to get off the ground years ago.

But when a pair of seniors approached him last fall with a detailed plan, he was eager to give it another chance.

“I saw a very determined group of students,” he said. “And they were able to put this whole thing together with virtually no monitoring by me.”

When the original students graduated, they hand-picked another group of four seniors to carry the torch. Sarah Letson, Jon Muncie, Jamie Crist and Jackie Liu were not only charged with keeping the program intact, but also taking it to another level.

In the first year the group only collected paper products, but this year it expanded the program to include plastics. About 50 student volunteers help run the program, with the paper taken out biweekly and the plastics weekly.

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