Novi Library celebrates golden anniversary

Today, the Novi library is a collection of 80,000 books housed in a
gleaming million-dollar facility. But when it was founded 50 years ago
by a group of volunteers in a former bank building, the Novi library
was just 150 books. Clearly, that little library has come a long way.

The Novi Library and the nonprofit Friends of the Novi Library group
celebrated this half-century of local history on Oct. 8 with readings
from famed Milford poet Thomas Lynch, live music from Ara Topouzian,
strolling exhibits and a silent auction. The library also hosted a
family event on Saturday, Oct. 9.

Kathy Crawford, a city council member and life-long Novi resident, said the library represents the character of the community.

“Fifty years ago Novi citizens wanted and recognized the need for a
library,” she said. “Volunteers found a little building on Novi Road,
and volunteers brought in books from their own homes, and those
volunteers also staffed the little library.

“We have come a very long way in 50 years,” Crawford added, “and thank
goodness we are still a community that takes the responsibility for
meeting our needs and shaping our destiny.”

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