New library construction on schedule

New library in Novi is right on schedule and should open in nine months.


The Charles and Myrtle Walker Novi Public Library is in the skeleton stages as its tentative opening is still nine months away.

But when library director Julie Farkas took some library board members and staff inside for a tour last week, it was as if there were already books on the shelves and people inside.

She pointed out every detail the new facility will have — even as electrical wires hung from the ceiling and open walls still let in outside air — highlighting the children’s area, the expansive meeting rooms, a cafe and drive-thru window among other new enhancements.
If Farkas could press fast-forward and get the project done now, she would.

“I just cannot wait for this community to see what we have built for them,” she said. “We are trying to give them great amenities for coming and staying here, and the opportunities are so great for what we can bring into this building.

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