Macprofessionals hires 10, looks to add up to 5 more

The money from all of those MacBooks, iPods and iPhones you see in coffee shops and classrooms isn’t just going into Steve Jobs’ pockets. Macprofessionals is getting its fair share and then some.

The Novi-based firm got its start in 2000, providing support for the growing contingent of Mac users. Today it employs 53 people and about 8-10 independent contractors on a consistent basis. That’s up from 43 employees at the beginning of the year and it expects to hire up to five more people by year-end.

The firm, which is currently on the Edward Lowe Foundation’s Michigan 50 Companies to Watch list, also recorded 25 percent revenue growth last year and expects to post a similar number next year.

“It’s been growth year after year,” says Maria Eby, finance controller for Macprofessionals. “A lot of companies are coming to us now.”

It has been riding the Mac popularity wave and its own wave of good word-of-mouth marketing. Macprofessionals plans to focus on education this year as more schools get federal funding to provide computers and other electronics.

Source: Maria Eby, finance controller for Macprofessionals
Writer: Jon Zemke