ITC Holdings takes huge bite out of emissions

Lots of companies like to announce
sustainability-based programs, emphasizing their grand ambitions. The
follow-up announcements aren’t as common. This story is about the
latter kind of announcement.

Novi-based ITC Holdings
has dramatically reduced its emissions of sulfur hexafluoride (a
greenhouse gas) three years after starting a program to contain the
problem. The gas was escaping from old transmission equipment at an
average of 13,275 pounds per year in 2005. That number stands at 1,836
pounds as of 2008.

ITC Holdings, which runs electrical grids,
has been chasing similar efficiencies in its infrastructure for years.
It is investing about $10 billion in upgrading the electric grid in the
Midwest, a move that will make the grid more efficient and sustainable.

firm is also expanding the grid to wind farms in places like the Upper
Peninsula so that they can provide renewable energy to places like
Minneapolis or Detroit. The Green Power Express project will eventually transport 12,000 megawatts of renewable energy to city centers.

Source: ITC Holdings
Writer: Jon Zemke

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