ITC Holdings grabs more Green Power Express contracts

Novi-based ITC Holdings is expanding on its Green Power Express program with a new partnership.

It has reached an agreement with MDU Resources Group to help transmit the source of alternative energy (think wind farms in the Dakotas) to Michigan. North Dakota-based MDU plans to help ITC Holdings invest in its Green Power Express and secure approvals for it.

The Green Power Express program plans to grow a transmission network grid between sparsely populated wind farms in the upper Midwest to the region’s population centers, like Metro Detroit. ITC Holdings is working to establish about 3,000 miles of extra high-voltage power lines at a cost ranging from $10-$12 billion. The Green Power Express is expected to transmit 20,000 megawatts of alternative energy, about as much as 7-9 coal plants produce.

ITC Holdings specializes in electricity transmission. Think of the huge power lines that supply electricity across the state. It has been investing in upgrading Michigan’s power grid in recent years.

Source: ITC Holdings
Writer: Jon Zemke