IT firm Red Level Networks aims for staff of 50

Red Level Networks is riding a wave of growth coming from the industry-wide trend of demanding better IT services and a new partnership with computer-maker Dell.

The Novi-based company has hired 10 people over the last year, expanding its staff to 31 employees and the occasional summer intern. The new hires include engineers, technicians, help-desk support, sales associates and a COO.

“The demand for better services has helped propel our growth,” says David King, president of Red Level Networks. He adds that many businesses cut back on IT during the recession. Now that the recovery is well underway, the demand for fast, reliable IT services has done nothing but climb.

Also helping fuel that is Red Level Networks’ work with Dell. The 9-year-old IT firm is a channel partner with Dell. That partnership allows Red Level Networks to sell its services and other products directly to the end users of Dell products.

“We expect more business to come our way because of our partnership with Dell,” King says.

King is optimistic that Red Level Networks will be able to cross the 50-employee threshold within the next year.

“We want to be that go-to company, so when people think of IT services they think about us,” King says.

Source: David King, president of Red Level Networks
Writer: Jon Zemke

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