Four new film, digital media incentives announced for projects in Metro Detroit

The last round of Michigan Film Office incentives has been issued to close out 2014, including a mobile app for sports fans and a series on the lives of religious leaders in Detroit. These projects filimg or being produced in various Metro Detroit locales are expected to employ about 250 people. In total, all projects approved in 2014 are expected to create 2,181 hires with a full time equivalent of 1,298 jobs.


“Oxygen Media’s Preachers of Detroit is a television series that will focus on powerful themes of faith, family and friendship as seven men and women of the cloth share their lives, transformations and triumphs in and out of the pulpit in Detroit….

The feature film Destined is set in Detroit with one event setting in motion two very different stories. Each storyline involves the same characters whose paths are altered by this one event, and the different paths main character Rasheed takes in each tale. Filming will take place in Detroit and Ann Arbor…

Tommy Battles the Silver Sea Dragon is a feature film where Tommy Silver faces the guilt he carries from the loss of his mother who died in childbirth. This unbearable weight is now threatening to destroy his closest relationship. Filming will take place in Detroit, Wayne and Novi…”

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