Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Novi schools shine as county has several of state’s top MEAP scores

Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, and Novi schools get tops marks in MEAP testing.


The results of this fall’s MEAP test, the Michigan Educational
Assessment Program, show that Oakland County students are still
outperforming the statewide average.

“To me, that’s primarily a
function of the demographics of Oakland County; that we are a
reasonably affluent place,” said Ernie Bauer, director of research,
evaluation and assessment programs for Oakland Schools.

is given to children in grades three through nine across the state.
Grades three through eight receive testing in reading, writing and
math. Students in the fifth and eighth grades also are tested in
science, and social studies is part of the test for sixth-graders.
Ninth-graders are tested only in social studies.

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