OPS Solutions is in the innovation spotlight

Ever wish that when something breaks a spotlight would magically appear on the problem? Paul Ryznar’s company has the answer.

OPS Solutions has developed a light-guided system that specializes in maximizing operational efficiency for manufacturers. It basically helps workers to identify problem areas before and after they make themselves known.

“We designed the system to revolutionize manual (manufacturing) operations,” says Ryznar, president of OPS Solutions.

Formerly a vice president for the likes of
Detroit Diesel, Bosch, and United Solar Ovonic,
Ryznar spent 25 years improving manufacturing operations efficiency. He conceived the OPS Solutions system in the basement of his home, making it simple enough for his teenage daughters to use.

“We have a very flexible and scalable system,” Ryznar says.

Today his four-year-old start-up has two employees in Northville. This year he expects to really roll out his product, targeting the automotive, biotech, and military industries, among others. Goals are to sell 100 units, set up a demonstration facility, and make 4-5 more hires.

“It’s going to get more and more popular,” Ryznar says.

Source: Paul Ryznar, president of OPS Solutions
Writer: Jon Zemke