Strawesome makes art from glass straws

Daedra Surowiec used to work in
architecture. She then became a mother and decided to focus her
attention on her children. The Milford resident still wanted to earn her
financial keep for the family, so she decided to start her own business

had seen artistic glass straws for sale on the Internet and saw an
opportunity. She started making her own (satisfying that creative
impulse) and selling them online. That was 18 months ago. Today she is
trying to decide how big she wants to grow her business.

“I fell
in love with it,” Surowiec says, adding she still has plenty of time to
spend with her new family. “It’s so much fun. It doesn’t feel like

Today she runs the business along with her husband, Brian,
who designs the website and serves as her adviser. He wants her to hire
one or two staffers to help keep up with the demand, but she is leaning
toward making this a family venture for the time being.

has watched her sales grow steadily and even spike at one point. Last
December produced three times as many sales as an average month. She is
now looking at expanding into retail locations and growing online sales.

Internet has made this so easy,” Surowiec says.

Daedra Surowiec, owner of Strawesome

Writer: Jon Zemke