Milford girl’s “Blast-Off Burrito” wows Jif Peanut Butter Co.

She’s only nine years old, but Milford fourth-grader Rebecca Loncar might be a culinary superstar in the making.

With a little help from her mother, Rebecca entered Jif-brand peanut butter’s ninth annual Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich contest. Her “Blast-Off Burrito” lived up to its name, as she and nine other kids from across the country were selected as contest finalists from hundreds of sandwich hopefuls.

With a little luck, she’s hoping to be chosen as a top-5 finalist — earning Rebecca the chance to cook for judges (and some serious bragging rights) in New York City this March.


Outside of creating new types of PB&J sandwiches, Rebecca has cooked for her family as well. “I made grilled sirloin once and everyone loved it,” Rebecca said. 

Blast-off Burrito contains cubed round steak, onion, taco seasoning,
Jif Creamy Peanut Butter, cubed apple, raisins, shredded cabbage with
carrots, rolled into tortillas.

Good luck, Rebecca! Read more here.