SpaceForm rolls out of TechTown into new partnership

Detroit’s TechTown can claim another
success story now that SpaceForm has spun out of the business incubator
and formed a partnership with Welding Solutions.

employed three people before the merger this month. Today it employs
seven at its new home in Madison Heights. It also has access to the
resources and expertise of the 125 people that work for Welding

“It was an ideal way to get access to a lot of
experience and infrastructure that exists at Welding Solutions,” says
Alain Piette, president of SpaceForm.

develops welding technology that is much quicker, more efficient and
cost effective than the norm in the manufacturing industry. The Delphi
spin-off was also one of TechTown’s first tenants when it started in 2005.

a Michigan jewel that unfortunately not too many people know exists,”
Piette says. “They know where the resources are and they know how to
coach entrepreneurs at various levels.”

Source: Alain Piette, president of SpaceForm
Writer: Jon Zemke