Madison Heights karate instructor “shatters” Guinness World Record

Head to Community Fitness Martial Arts in Madison Heights, and you’ll be in the presence of a real live Guinness World Record holder.

Karate instructor Kevin Taylor, standing at an even six feet and carrying 300 lbs. of muscle, can shatter more than 800 bricks with his bare hands in a matter of minutes.

For the 2012 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records, he achieved a feat which has eluded karate masters over the past 25 years — breaking a tempered car window with his bare hands. Taylor, in fact, shattered 25 in a row.


On first swing, Taylor’s hand bounced harmlessly off the car window, like he had hit something rubberized. He swung again, and no luck. The reps were telling him to stop before he broke his hand, but Taylor felt he could do it. So he let loose his “kiai” — Japanese for “spirit yell” — and unleashed his full power.

“I put my whole body into it and I broke it, and it exploded, broke the metal frame — broke everything — and they ran out of the room because I screamed so loud,” Taylor said. “The impact sounded like a bomb.”

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