Lumerica acquires LumaSmart’s LED technology biz, hires 6

A new LED light provider, Lumerica, has grown quickly in its first half year and recently acquired LumaSmart Technology International’s LED lighting business.

“The market is so new and so evolving you need to be positioned to take advantage of new opportunities,” says Justin Palm, president of Lumerica. “We’re in two industries. We’re not only in the lighting industry but the energy-efficient products industry.”

Palm started Lumerica with John Blake six months ago to supply energy-efficient LED lighting solutions to businesses. Today the company employs eight people at Madison Heights and expects to continue to grow rapidly alongside the emerging LED light market.

LED lights are the poster child for sustainability in the lighting industry. LEDs are more energy efficient than compact fluorescent lights and far more efficient than traditional incandescent lights. LEDs also provide a higher quality of light, contain few toxic materials and require less maintenance than CFls or incandescent lights.

“Every major industry group has realized LEDs are the future of lighting,” Palm says. “We have an incredible opportunity in that area.”

Source: Justin Palm, president of Lumerica
Writer: Jon Zemke

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