Beaumont-Accelion partnership brings new home care jobs while expanding services

Beaumont Health System has partnered with Accelion Inc., a home care management services provider, to help meet the needs of the growing aging and chronically ill population. The partnership is creating more than 100 new jobs for home care nurses to help care for patients in the place where they thrive, their homes.

Beaumont and Accelion entered into a long-term management services agreement last fall to enhance and expand home care services. Growth in the aging population, longer life spans and an increase in chronic illness is driving higher demand for home care, with an anticipated 10 percent increase in the coming year.

Beaumont and Accelion are collaborating on service innovations and groundbreaking technologies that will improve care and expand capabilities in the rapidly growing home care market.

“Our goal is to move from a high-performing local leader in the home care business, to a leader setting a national standard for high-quality, high-value, health system-based home health care,” says Sam Flanders, M.D., interim executive vice president of operations and chief quality officer, Beaumont Health System.

Under the agreement, Beaumont Home Health Services retains ownership of the home care business. All home care staff providing in-home care remain Beaumont employees; Accelion manages day-to-day operations of the home care business.
“Home care has become an invaluable component of health systems’ care delivery capability across the continuum,” says Berk Smith, president and CEO, Accelion. “It provides a needed outlet to deliver comprehensive, efficient patient care and drive positive treatment outcomes. We are excited to work with Beaumont to establish a new model of home care that will lead the industry in efficiency, quality and customer service.”

Beaumont Home Health Services and Accelion are seeking to hire more than 100 home care nurses, offering a sign-on bonus of $5,000 for full-time hires. For more information, call 248-743-9500. Applicants can submit resumes at